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Radio Frequency


Cavitation with Radio Frequency is a skin tightening and fat melting beauty secret. It is an effective way to improve skin tightness and elasticity, reduce wrinkles and cellulite improving the overall condition of the chosen areas of the body. Areas typically addressed with this treatment are: face, chin, upper arm, abdomen, thighs, bra line and buttocks.

Treatments take between 30-60 minutes to complete depending on the size of the region and thickness of the fat layer. Improvement can sometimes be seen after the first treatment, however, we recommend 5-10 sessions at 2-3 day intervals for best results. Additional treatments may be required to attain your desired figure.

Cavitation Prices

  1 Session
Face $250
Chin $150
Neck $150
Décolletage $150
Arms (Full Upper - Each) $400
Arms (Front/Inner/Back – Each) $200
Belly, Stomach or Sides $400
Love handles (Each) $200
Back + Sides $400
Thighs (Each) $400
(Side/Inner/Front or Back - Each)
Buttocks $400
Hips (Sides – Each) $300
Knee (Each) $300

Applicable taxes to be applied.


Skin Tightening

This incredible technique is clinically proven to help smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger looking appearance. By stimulating natural renewal of collagen the treatment delivers natural looking results with little to no down time.

A hand piece with a smooth, flat tip delivers Radio Frequency technology, which safely heats the deep, collagen rich layers of the skin. The heat helps tighten existing collagen and stimulate the formation of new collagen over time. This helps reduce sagging, improves contours and renews smoothness and texture of the skins surface.

This procedure can be used to address issues with your face (forehead, eyes, jawline and jowls) as well as other regions of the body.

Skin Tightening Prices

  Single Session
Face $400
Chin $200
Neck $200
Arms (Full upper each) $250
Arms (Back/inner/Front) $200
Thighs (each $250
Buttocks $200

Applicable taxes to be applied.